Thursday, May 20, 2004

Commonplaces: Clint Eastwood on Directing

posted by Bruce Baugh

As of this afternoon, at least, there is no aesthetic or critical theory of roleplaying games that can deal at all adequately with what most gamers do and want to do. I don't have such a thing up my sleeve. I do, however, have a standing interest in comments from interesting people working in other fields that bear in some way on aspects of gaming as well as their own fields. I'll post some of them from time to time, and will be interested to read cool or engaging snippets that other contributors may wish to share, too. I think that identifying more things that rolegaming is somewhat like will help us figure out what it is.

This one is from Clint Eastwood, in one of the screens-of-text special features on the Pale Rider DVD:

I believe in professionalism. I don't expect to tell an actor or actress how to interpret their part. I prefer to create a comfortable working atmosphere for them to do what they do best. In that environment I think you get results you can use. I like to work fast. I prepare myself and I expect the people I work with to be equally prepared. I know what I'm looking for in most situations. I don't think a lot of takes will help bail you out of something that might be unclear to begin with.