Thursday, May 20, 2004

Thoughts Under Construction

posted by Bruce Baugh

Prose can be deceptive, particularly in the hands of good writers, as many of the folks hanging around here are. There's something about the mere fact of being set down with good phrasing and nice typography that suggests "This is a finished concept." Keep in mind that sometimes it ain't so, though. There will be posts that do reflect extended consideration and substantial police, and that do stand as little essays. But not all of them will be that way. Sometimes we take a stab at writing something down to help sort through the jumble of ideas that don't quite seem to add up harmoniously, and someitmes we've just been struck by something and want to get a discussion going.

As nearly as I know, none of the Gamethink contributors feels particularly close to a grand manifesto about the nature and destiny of gaming, or even about some particular part of it. Every post is about what one of us thinks about a subject at the time of posting. Whether it means anything more than that depends on the individual and the topic. Please read with the willingness to believe that we're willing to revise and extend our remarks, even as we do make an effort to offer up thoughts worth considering in their present form.