Sunday, May 16, 2004

Welcome to Gamethink!

posted by Bruce Baugh

Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Reader and all the ships in the ether!

Last year I ran an enjoyable group weblog called Rock Scissors Blog, where interested friends and acquaintances gather to gab about rolegaming. It foundered largely for lack of time on the part of most participants. Since then, various other folks have gotten into the act, particularly the excellent crew at The 20 x 20 Room, which you really ought to be reading if rolegaming is a subject of interest to you. I took advantage of changing circumstances to rethink my purposes a bit. What do I think a new group weblog has to offer at this time?


The members of Gamethink will all have some connection to the gaming business in some way - not just writers, I hope, but also artists, retailers, reviewers, and so on. My goal here is to serve up perspective informed by the commercial realities. I believe that the next few years are going to be busy and sometimes tight ones for rolegaming, and I hope to up the info quota for general discussion. Some things look really different when you understand how and why decisions got made in places the public doesn't usually see. I'm shooting here for perspectives anchored in practical understanding of the possible, for rolegaming as a commercial pursuit as well as a social one.


Here I owe a debt to a bunch of folks, including the 20 x 20 crowd and also many of the posters at the Forge. Doomsaying is easy and often satisfying, but not necessarily very helpful. while I'm sure that Gamethink will host its share of rants, I want to keep the focus on what is now working and what might work in the future. We'll discuss new games (and old ones) in play, recruitment and retention concerns, aesthetics alongside marketing, and like that. I want to call attention to the good stuff that's out there right now, and to help build up the audience for neat new things. Whatever criticisms we have (and in some cases there'll be strong ones) should come together with a look at alternatives, something that frames past or present failure with room for improvement.

I don't know how frequently we'll get posts. Quality is more of a priority to me than quantity. Work in progress and partially formed ideas are fine, as are pointers to neat stuff that don't have much to say beyond "Wow!", but I hope to build a body of fairly substantial reading. One of the thing that bogged down Rock Scissors Blog, I think, was a glut of inactive members. (The psychology there is convoluted, but seems to hold true.) I'll be a little slower to add members this time, and a little faster to prune, so that if someone's listed as a member, you can count on seeing traffic from them once in a while.

So here we are, enjoying sundry features of the new Blogger edition. Blogger been very very good to me over the years, and I'm happy to be here. I hope you enjoy reading what will follow.