Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Wishlists for Awards

posted by Bruce Baugh

For several years, friends and I have talked about doing some gaming awards of our own, hoping that in simplicity and focus we can add to the ranks of awards whose recommendations mean "Hey, you should really check this out." Among those who've come before us are James Wallis and his Diana Jones Award, which can go to any thing or person in gaming at the mysterious judges' discretion (shadowy cabals and how to make them work for you!); Andy Kitkowsi and the Indie RPG Awards he coordinates with such good-natured enthusiasm; and EN World's Ennies. And, of course, there are the Origins Awards, which are, um, subject to some skepticism in some quarters as reliable indicators of excellence.

Now, I've got some pretty firm thoughts about what I want to do, and I'll be laying that out in an upcoming post. But this here is a solicitation for comments. Based on what you know now of gaming awards - and if you haven't checked out the indie or EN World rosters, you should - is there anything plausible that you'd like to see someone doing that nobody is right now? What level of seriousness/whimsy is good? How much do you value rigorously defined categories, and how much flexibility, comprehensiveness, or vagueness? And so forth and so on. Lay it on me. I don't promise to do anything you ask, but I'll be listening.