Tuesday, June 01, 2004

In search of consistently good gaming

posted by Geoff

One thing that I have been searching for over the past few years is a set of tools to provide me with consistently good gaming. I've found a few bits here and there that have helped, particularly things such as Chris Kubasik's excellent Interactive Toolkit series.

But despite the appearance of things like Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering, I haven't really come across a good reference for helping someone like me, with a preference to gaming that is more like interactive fiction writing.

I have attempted, in the past, to look at place like the Forge, which apparently has some discussion about such things. However (at the risk of inciting another anti-Forge riot, which I assure you is not my intention), I have trouble with the language used (as in, it confuses the hell out of me) and find that if the information that I am looking for is on the site, it's so buried in the threads on the board that I cannot find what I want (especially if I don't know the words used to describe the concepts).

Having seen some of the recent threads on RPGnet about kickers and bangs, I believe that some of the ideas I'm looking for may be contained in some of the games that Forge members have produced. Unfortunately, this doesn't help me, mainly because such games are difficult to find in Australia, and I'm not particularly inclined to buy a game simply because of what may only amount to a couple of paragraphs of GM advice.

So, what I would like to do is find a website that has a collection of essays on how to improve your gaming, written in simple English, and preferably with examples. Alternatively, if there isn't one, then help create one, so that others who are in the same boat as me may perhaps find answers to some of the questions they have.

Does such a site exist anywhere? If it doesn't, is it worthwhile investing time to write up some simple-to-understand pieces that may help gamers-at-large have more fulfilling gaming experiences?