Wednesday, June 23, 2004

[Reposted from my LJ] Some Quick DI Numbers

posted by Chad

We're coming up on the 5 months worth of release of Dead Inside, so I thought I'd kick out some quicky numbers. I'll probably do a more detailed breakdown next month at the 6 month mark; feel free to comment ion this post to let me know what you'd like to see in that analysis. (I'll also probably do a one-month breakdown for Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: the Roleplaying Game then, too. Note that its sales are much, much lower than DI's.)

Okay. DI has sold 88 PDF copies and 29 PoD copies, for a total of 117 copies sold. (Additionally, there are 76 complimentary, review, and traded-for-swag copies [1] out there; this brings the total number of copies in circulation up to 193.)

[1] Around 25 of those copies were for playtesters and such. DI's had about 15 to 20 reviews published in various places -- blogs, websites, review sites, the City Paper (alas, not all are linked from the webpage, still collecting them), let's say 20. So, 76-45 = 31 copies were just gifts to cool folks from me, traded-for-swag, or sent to reviewers who never ponied up. Not that bad a spread, after all, as I stuck with PDFs for the comp copies in general.)

Some guesstimations on stuff through the distributor channel, to illustrate the infinitesimal size of the game industry:

  • Higher Tier Game Publisher average sales: 3000
  • Small Press non-d20 average sales: 500
  • DI sales (to date): 117

    • DI's Percent of HTP sales: 3.9%
    • DI's Percent of SMnd20 sales: 23.4%

This means that each individual purchaser of DI has a dramatic effect on the bottom line of Atomic Sock Monkey Press.