Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sounding off

posted by Geoff

In a comment at the bottom of my last post, Meeks asked if the contributors could post up a brief description of where we sit in relation the gaming world.

Well, speaking for myself, my name's Geoff Skellams, and I'm an Australian freelance RPG author. I've had stuff published by (the deceased) Dynasty Presentations, Polyhedron, Microsoft, Fast Forward, Sword and Sorcery and White Wolf. I guess you could say my main claim to fame recently is being the author of the community system that appears in the Gamma World Player's Handbook and the Advanced Player's Guide.

I'm also one of the founding editors of the DEMONGROUND modern horror/conspiracy ezine.

Whether all of that makes my ramblings worth paying attention to I leave as an exercise for the reader :)