Sunday, August 22, 2004

the Rock Soup RPG

posted by L0N

Something my gaming group has only done twice, but had quite a good time doing is playing the Rock Soup RPG.

The whole idea started is one of the usual suspects in our gaming group never threw a character sheet away. From one-shots and never got off the ground games. And characters she played for a year or more were in the same beat up manila folder. Characters sheets from Paranoia, CP202, Vampire, 1st ed D&D, Top Secret SI, Middle-Earth Role Playing and well you get the idea.

One night Chuck (another of the usual suspects) joked that someone should take the character sheets from the folder randomly pass them out and try and run a game with whatever people ended up with. This got the wheels turning in my head and a few weeks later I tried it.

When everyone arrived at our house I asked if I could see the folder I drew out one more character sheet than the number of players there that night. I then shuffled them as best I could and passed them out. It has been a few years but if memory serves we had characters from Champions, Cyberpunk 2020, Paranoia, Gamma World, and two others that I can't remember any longer.

I ran a game where the players were "champions called from across time and space" to defend the multiverse from the Daleks. I tried to use the rules native to each game system when possible, but the whole thing was made up on the fly so there wasn’t a lot of strict adherence to the rule. But more of an attempt to just have fun. The night broke down into high comedy when trying to rescue one of the players from a 1920's hospital they realized the only person that could drive a car was hiding in the trunk. Eventually they saved the multiverse and went home.

We tried it one more time with less success than the first, but it was an interesting experiment to try a couple times. I wanted to give it one more try, but the owner of the manila folder cleaned it out so it only had character sheets for active campaigns.

If anyone tries this please let me know. I would like to hope that someone else will play the Rock Soup RPG.